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Superfast fibre broadband is helping small firms achieve their ambitions, particularly for those who run a business from home

This is what Jim Rudd had to say about having Superfast fibre broadband for his business. Read the highlights from our interview.


Tell us about your business?  I work from home mainly and visit clients at their homes and also use the office of estate agents introducers 

Who are your customers? People requiring mortgages and related insurance 

What was your internet connection like before you had Superfast fibre broadband? 2MB download and 0.5MB upload 

Was it affecting your business productivity?  It was impossible to work from home, internet speeds were too slow causing the online mortgage software to time out  

What was the biggest problem with using slow speed broadband? Uploading scanned documents to lenders online systems was impossible with such slow upload speeds  

How did Superfast fibre broadband help your overcome these problems? I now get 75MB down and 20Mb up so I can quickly and efficiently navigate around online mortgage application systems and can upload large files in seconds which gives me a lot more free time  

Have you seen a noticeable difference in your business since you took up Superfast fibre broadband?  I can transact business a lot quicker   

Why did you sign up for Superfast fibre broadband?  I wanted the increased speeds as it will give me more time to spend on other areas like social networking, e-marketing, building my website and developing my business  

What process did you follow to upgrade to Superfast fibre broadband?  I contacted my current provider as soon as I was told my cabinet was accepting orders  

Can you now compete against larger businesses? I now have the infrastructure in place that will allow me to build and grow my business which I couldn’t have done with regular broadband  

How could superfast broadband help small businesses and the economy in West Yorkshire and the City of York? All businesses need an online presence these days as customers turn to Google to find companies to deal with.  Social media is very cheap but an effective way to  promote your business, all of which require faster internet   

What key message would you give to other businesses considering upgrading to Superfast fibre broadband but haven’t yet done so?  Just do it! You won’t regret it 

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Dec 16, 2016