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Government money for communities for fibre!

Scores of communities are signing up to the Government's Better Broadband scheme. The scheme’s been set up to help people that don’t have access to broadband speeds of at least 2Mbps, and who won’t benefit from the national superfast broadband rollout. Each premise that falls into this category can claim £350 toward implementing a new fibre infrastructure for their community. For example, if 20 properties in a community have broadband speeds of <2Mbps by putting their vouchers together they’d have £7,000 in vouchers to offset against their cost of a gap-funded Community Fibre Partnership solution. In many cases, this would cover the whole costs for a community.

Don't miss out, act now! The vouchers can be redeemed until the end of next year, but at the time of redeeming them against applications, the community has to be able to connect to fibre. Openreach will plan for  up to 12 months to install a new fibre cabinet (given all the complicated elements that are involved) so communities need to get their applications in quickly.

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Dec 19, 2016