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From thriving businesses to local families, we want to know how your day-to-day lives have changed for the better thanks to faster, more reliable broadband.

No matter what your story, we’re keen to share your success with others, so that they also can understand the real-life benefits of signing up to superfast broadband too.  

Chances are you were once fed up with slow, intermittent internet access, which caused tension at home or prevented your business from moving forward. These are the same frustrations that other families and business owners are experiencing now, so why not give them the encouragement they need to make the switch to superfast fibre broadband? 

Maybe you’re… 

…a family who can now keep in touch with friends and family all over the world.
…a business who is now able to build a more efficient and more profitable operation.
…a budding entrepreneur who now has the digital tools to succeed. 

What’s in it for me? 

Well, apart from the sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing you have done your bit to equip West Yorkshire for a digital future and move forward with the times, it’s also an opportunity for you to promote you or your business. 

Your story will be included as part of our online case studies and will be promoted via our social media platforms and other marketing tools, including news items. 

Superfast broadband opens up a world of opportunity - help us to spread the word! 

How to get involved? 

If you would like to put yourself forward to provide a business or residential case study, please contact us at enquiries.sfwy@leeds.gov.uk


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Apr 28, 2017