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In the spotlight: Superfast Keighley

Are you a business owner with premises in Keighley? Superfast fibre broadband is available in more parts of the town centre so now's a great time for your business to pick up the pace.

With several cabinets live across East, West and Central Keighley thanks to the Superfast West Yorkshire and York broadband programme, approximately 7,000 homes and businesses can now benefit from a faster, more reliable internet connection, as well as faster upload and download speeds.

Superfast West Yorkshire and York is installing fibre where it was not previously commercially viable to do so. The deployment is not just happening in urban areas, premises located in rural locations are benefitting too! 

What are the benefits? Whether you work from home or operate from commercial premises, Superfast broadband is key to making the most of the digital world we live in - without it, your business could get left behind. If you’re not convinced by the benefits of switching to fibre-optic broadband or you’re simply not aware of how it could transform your business, let us talk you through some of those Superfast broadband perks!  

...no more buffering and waiting for emails to send.

...faster file and data transfers.

...better access to cloud computing services and software.

...seamless access to Skype and online conferencing facilities.

...social media platforms can be used to their full advantage.

…new ways of connecting and engaging with your customers.

...the ability to compete in a global marketplace.

All this combined, means that Superfast fibre broadband will support you in keeping up with the demands of modern business and remaining competitive in the marketplace. It could even take your business in a direction which was not previously viable due to an unreliable internet connection slowing your business down.

What’s more, fibre-optic broadband provides opportunities for new and more efficient ways of working. For example, by conducting more online meetings, you can spend less time and money travelling. You could also find yourself offering your employees more flexible working from home options.

Ultimately, superfast fibre broadband is here to help you create a successful and profitable business, so can you really afford to miss out? 

Sign up to Superfast broadband today!

If you’ve already made the switch and you now have the infrastructure in place to grow your business, contact us and share your story - we’d love to hear from you!

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Jul 10, 2017