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Digital Enterprise discusses why the speed of your internet connection is important for business

Increased productivity, flexibility and the ability to work on the go are just some of the benefits delivered by faster broadband speeds.

Boosting the speed of your connection can also give you access to a whole raft of new technology, with the potential to boost business efficiency and dramatically cut costs. Once you have a high speed connection a whole world of technological solutions opens up to you. These include reliable use of the cloud, with the increased productivity and efficiency that are integral to cloud computing entails, and a VoIP phone system that uses the internet rather than analogue lines to make calls. VoIP offers big cost savings over a traditional phone system.

Add to this the guarantee of consistently swift uploads and downloads of data, and the ability to work flexibly and remotely, and you can see why, in an increasingly competitive market place, business broadband speeds are going to continue to become ever more critical in 2018.

With the price of technology decreasing all the time, it’s worth keeping a watching brief on the prices offered by different suppliers. And with £1,000 on offer from Digital Enterprise in the form of a Connectivity Voucher as a one-off payment to help businesses improve their broadband speeds it’s worth checking out the speed of your current connection to see if you’re eligible for funding. Connectivity Vouchers are available for organisations whose download speeds are slower than 30Mbps, or can be used to double the speeds for businesses who need faster connections.

Digital Enterprise – it works!

Digital growth adviser Richard Brook is in day-to-day contact with Leeds City Region organisations that are in the process of upgrading their digital technology with funding from our Connectivity and Digital Growth Vouchers.

Richard says: “Time and again I see how transformational this funding can be for SMEs. Recently a small business owner told me that they had upgraded because their team was fed up and frustrated with working on a slow and clunky system – and that now the office was a much happier place to work

“Another was really excited by the improvements in customer service and productivity achieved by having two screens rather than a single one, which meant that they could keep their order entry system open when they answered emails. And a third had upgraded their broadband connection to fibre and put in a VoIP phone system which was integrated with their CRM system. They now knew which customer was calling them, could ensure the right person answered their call directly. “

Find out more at https://www.digitalenterprise.co.uk/connectivity

Digital Enterprise - 5th edition newsletter, 25 January 2018


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Jan 26, 2018