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Superfast broadband arrives in Golcar

Some 1600+ premises in the village of Golcar now have access to some of the best broadband speeds in the county thanks to the Superfast West Yorkshire & York broadband programme.

Having access to the improved service will boost the competitiveness of local businesses and offer a whole new range of flexible working, entertainment and learning opportunities for local residents. Fibre broadband benefits include users being able to send and receive large amounts of data much more quickly and efficiently and having the ability to run multiple bandwidth-hungry applications at the same time.

Local residents will be able to do more online all at the same time. Now you can do the weekly shopping from the kitchen table, watch the latest blockbuster, or simply relax and unwind whilst streaming your favourite songs.

Superfast broadband has the potential to significantly improve business performance. Different ways of working made possible by Superfast broadband result in the development of new products and services, business diversification and improved competitiveness. It has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint through travel reduction, increased use of Skype and Cloud services, working from home and remote working.

The upgrade does not happen automatically, so in order to take advantage of the increased bandwidth, residents and businesses should contact their internet service provider or visit www.get-fibre.co.uk to check your postcode is included in the rollout.

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Feb 27, 2018