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Better Broadband for more of West Yorkshire and York

During Phase 2 we will be delivering faster and more reliable broadband to residents in West Yorkshire and York.

A large number of residents in the area can access superfast broadband and have been enjoying the many benefits of enhanced high speed digital connectivity. The aim of Phase 2 is to bring those benefits to more households by funding the expansion of broadband coverage. 

How would faster broadband benefit you?

Increasingly the internet is being referred to as the 'fourth utility' and families and individuals are relying on having reliable internet to complete everyday tasks, from watching movies, to sharing photos and working from home. 
Having superfast broadband installed in your home could save you time and money. 
With faster broadband video buffering whilst watching your favourite movie could be a thing of the past. It is not just entertainment benefits that come with having better broadband speeds, you can access e-learning, online banking and other key services which are all going online as we transform local public services using technology and digital services. 

Accessing a wealth of knowledge from home

On-line learning is becoming more and more important for students of all ages as well as educational institutions. Young people at school along with university students are encouraged to submit their work and access resources through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  Also, universities and other higher education institutions are investing heavily in the roll out of Massive Open-Access On-line Courses (MOOCs) which facilitate distance learning on a global scale. All of these learning environments need higher speed broadband to work effectively.

Looking for work on-line

Job Search and applying for new jobs is increasingly being done on-line saving
job seekers a significant amount of time over traditional methods.  Professional on-line networks like LinkedIn and job sites like Monster offer job seekers access to significantly more opportunities with prospective employers insisting on the completion of on-line application forms.
Home working can be better facilitated if you have access to your corporate network and email, usually delivered through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. Superfast broadband helps you stay productive allowing quicker access to your documents and files stored on your corporate network.  

Healthcare over the internet

Tele-medicine and tele-healthcare are new services which are being rolled out by healthcare providers to remotely monitor and carry out diagnostics of patients, while at home. Again, a higher speed broadband connection will be necessary for such services to operate effectively. There are many more innovations and services that are currently being planned, developed and rolled-out to benefit residents, consumers and learners in West Yorkshire and York, all of which, critically rely on higher speed superfast broadband for their delivery. We recognise that many individuals and residents living in the project region lack the confidence, skills or awareness to make best use of the internet and therefore we are working closely with our partners like Go On-line to tackle digital exclusion across the area by supporting initiatives that give people the opportunity to access digital services.

Help us with our campaign to bring better broadband to more parts of West Yorkshire and York by registering your demand today!


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